Monday, September 27, 2010

Fireworks produced lovely "onion" Little P child

Effect Preview:

1, new canvas, size 180 * 230 of course, arbitrary, and according to the picture you want to draw the size of the size of the following are an example of my work

2, with a round tool, draw a circle (press SHIFT key to draw perfect circle), size: width 134 pixels soften a high of 120 black strokes, fills choose linear fill, color is # FB6F6E # FE9A7E Figure 1, filling direction, as shown.

3, with the pen tool and draw the villain's head round tool of high light, the color is white, select the appropriate location plan

4, next door to paint my eyes, of course he is a circular ellipse tool to draw, drawing six oval, width and height, respectively: 11 * 40 10 * 35 (both filled with black), 6 * 15.6 * 19,4 * 19,4 * 15 (four filled as # F8F2D1), arrange them in a small scratch man's head:), then two and a half down the pen tool to draw arcs, as small scratch man's nose and mouth, that the results came out plan


5, followed by painting his body, or it is circular tool, draw two circles, width and height: 95 * 73 # 00C7F9 73 * 77 fill fill # F8F2D1, with sub-select tool (white arrow selection tool), adjust the circle, so that they become irregular in shape, looks more coordination. On what a good arrangement, the effect shown in Figure

6, with a circular tool to draw a child's hands and feet, four circular, high aspect are: Hand - Left: 21 * 21, right: 24 * 24 (fill color is # D8CCCE), foot - left : 43 * 52, right: 35 * 50 (the fill color for the linear fill, # C9B9BB, # F8F2DA,) filled square and ordered to Figure

7, little cartoon people in general came out, we further modified, oval 36 * 5, two, fill color to # C9B9BB, on the villain's face, right hand out with the pen to outline what, a little arm look, give him a small pocket and draw on the clothes carefully decorated with a fountain pen a rough idea about head hair (I do not know what that is), look, I am the door cute cartoon kids came out in the adjustments to the site location, make him look more symmetrical coordination plan

We can approach this as a small picture of our own making, some can also reduce the expression to play as QQ:)

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