Thursday, July 29, 2010

Amazing life experiences of a branch manager

May 2003, when he was regional manager in western Hubei Z Company L, the company suddenly received a transfer order, was transferred to Wuhan Branch manager (former manager of the cost can not tell due to the investigation have returned to headquarters). To tell the truth, the promotion of the current L and did not feel very happy, after six months of hard work, the market has a few bright spots in western Hubei market, and dealers are also very smooth flow of communication, different levels of payment, every month enhancement, is ready in protect the existing market, then develop some new markets, seek for another 2-3 months of hard work and complete "liberation" Exi market.

Attitude adjustment:

"The most dangerous place is the safest place," as the most challenging and most places where there are opportunities. L knew that if the Wuhan Branch adjust well, will be a blot on his career, to do good, their ability will be a big upgrade. In the face bones, L born with fearless tenacity. Took over the Western Hubei market with new colleagues in the process of transfer of days, L has been well prepared several worst-case, and with "he is the best psychological" ready to assume office.

Further ventured:

L is arrived at a branch, office door ajar, went into a few people are just smoking while nibbling the seeds (the company's taste chemicals), the arrival of the L is not too much care, just lift be beginning to indicate what made a call. The office is messy, filled with cigarette butts seed shell, file boxes stood several oblique lie folder on the fax machine covered with dust, from time to time an odor from the toilet floated.

Calm face:

The morning program will open at 8:30 am the next day (8:00 to work in accordance with company policy), were not half until 9:00. To the people, and some breakfast, and some read the newspaper ... ...

Council was very bad, and some say can not dry, dirty and tired every day; some say could not do, distributors do not make money, do not want to do; some say may cost customers reluctant to advance reported that customers come to look for trouble.


After nearly three days of the market visit, the situation is much worse than expected to do supermarkets have to dealers because of cost "advances" no nuclear reported loss of confidence on the cooperation. Great cost in the supermarkets in the company's products can be found fresh, but also in the bottom shelf. Several other distributors are doing terminals, each are planning to return. See L, disgruntled and resentment, say the company has no credibility, something unfulfilled promise, say the purchase was a good person distribution in place start to a number of very few people came later on, the terminal not to mention shop market rate, visited nearly a hundred shops, there are only a few sales.

To steal:

When interviewing process, found that some customers still have confidence in the product itself, several officers still want to do things, but by the environment. Form a strange phenomenon, we are proud of not doing things, who do a little better, we will become the object of ridicule.

Push soldiers lineup:

Persuade existing staff through education, attitude change quickly, and are willing to work hard, and fight to stay. Existing customers, to identify with the company and to actively cooperate with the operation of ideas, and give support. Meanwhile the city is divided into several large pieces, to Area operation. In principle, each Area to select a distributor, signed a distribution agreement. Each distributor is equipped with the situation according to the number of terminal 1 to 2 on behalf of the direct selling industry. Ideas laid down after the recruiting side, while looking for potential customers.

Sun Shop City:

Known as one of the four largest fire in Wuhan, in June is very hot. In accordance with established ideas, start the "sunshine shop the market", for the Area 8 by line to sweep the streets, the morning train, the evening concluded with incentives, L in person one by one with the line, gradually formed a "catch" "than" " Super "atmosphere.

Broken cocoon butterfly:

After nearly a month of "Sunshine shop the market", the shop terminal rate of nearly 80% of the city, during which they and several stores for a number of contacts in our store are from the evasive concept of becoming the recognition of our products, to late July, several supermarkets have been successful in negotiating, entering one after another. Early admission, use of Saturdays and Sundays, enjoy activities in the interim Shopping guide to do.

Very start:

After 5,6,7 months of efforts to create a standard direct sales force, established a relatively stable distribution network, looking at July's sales reports, L smiled.

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